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It's Achievable.
In Just A Few "Whole-Hearted-Way" Coaching Sessions,
You'll Learn How To Eliminate Debt, Increase Cash Flow And Manage Investments.

Fern Alix LaRocca brings to her clients over 20 years experience as a Financial Advisor with specialized coaching credentials. She dedicates her business to increasing her client's financial security. Her coaching service is for those who want guidance to develop their own financial or business plan or who are working with a Financial Advisor but need some affordable support and education.

Discover The "Whole-Hearted-Way" To A Happier Financial Life

Join Fern in dedicated coaching conversations that will help you realize your financial dreams. You'll look at where you are now, where you want to be and how to get there in easy to understand and "true to yourself" ways.

Fern uses a holistic approach to help you:

  • Work with your financial advisor and understand why they make the decisions they do
  • Look at your current net worth and discover ways to increase it
  • Lower your tax liability and increase your cash flow
  • Build a retirement portfolio you feel great about
  • Lower overall debt so you can increase savings
  • Feel better and more in control of your future


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